Who We Are

We are a group of women who are rooted in God, planted in His church, and passionate about equipping women to live the flourishing lives they were created for.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach, restore, and equip women in the sex industry, including victims of trafficking, and to let them know there is a God who loves them beyond measure.

Our Goal

Our goal is to encourage them through prayer, personal story, relationship, and the word of God, in order to help them realize that they are loved, valued, and created with a purpose. Our desire is that these women would experience breaking of chains and healing of wounds through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is going wherever God leads in order to bring hope and encouragement to those that are involved in ANY form of sexual exploitation, whether it be in exotic dancing, pornography, prostitution, or sex trafficking. Wherever we go -- the street, the escort services, the strip clubs, the night clubs -- we are willing to go where no one has gone before to let ladies know that God loves them. Not only that, but that they can come to church to establish a true relationship with God, regardless of what current lifestyle they are living.

A Promise

You are not alone. God walks beside you. Talk to Him. You don't need to do anything to earn His love.

You are His daughter, His soldier, His hands and feet and eyes. Wherever you are, wherever you walk, God has an undying, unwavering, always and forever love for you.

You are a beautiful, strong woman.

You are loved.  Exactly as you are right now. You are loved.